Sunday, April 3, 2011

4 Words For Paper Zine...comic...errr...publication

Turning the artists books from Round I of this project into a zine/comic...publication of sorts has taken longer than first thought.
I thought, 'Hey...i can work on this before i REALLY get started on my Graphic know, get it out of they way, since all of the work is already done + just sitting there...this will be a cinch...+ done in no time'
Choosing the first 3 of the 12, so i can make 3 possibly 4 zines in total.

Peasy, right?!

The crux of it is this...having used antique + vintage materials in the artist books they looked the flesh.
When i have taken them out to share, you get a sense of the overall project... 12 red envelopes means, 12 artist books, means 1 full project...all uniformly lined up or spread out, open - showing their individual contents...
I thought it would be nice + simple to create a zine from all the work that i had put into each book.
Upon seeing these scanned images open on my laptop screen...they just looked really flat + lifeless.
Also...the amount of time that has lapsed, made me feel as tho i couldn't 'recapture' or emulate what i was doing when i created these artists books ( i made these in 2007 to 2008)
So, knowing that i have (as most creatives who constantly hone thier skills + explore new ways to cultivate their practice) since evolved...i knew i couldn't go backwards...

I also wasn't happy with presenting this project in the printed share + sell the way that they were.
So i just said 'F*ck it' + decided to re-do the whole thing.
I tried re-working the panels into greyscale...but it lost alot of detail + it was too grey...+ i held off making it colour due to costs for printing + what i may have to charge (Are the people willing to pay for this?, Will people buy it?...ultimately, i don't care if nobody buys it...everything is ultimately practice for the next project anyway)
So i chose to stay with colour...

That means
1. Re-drawing all the images
2. Scanning
3. Tweaking the contrast + adjusting the colours etc
4. Re-working each new version of the drawing, digitally.
5. Adding new elements to replace some of the items i took out form each panel due to lackluster or flatness.
6. Making each panel cohesive to the one previous + the one after it.

The equation is this.....

Project 1 has 4 Panels
Project 2 has 8 panels
Project 3 has 4 panels

That totals 16 panels of art (all of which has been re-done from scratch pretty much)

Then you add the 2 covers
Plus the 1 intro to the project page + the 2 pages at the back for artist info + original jpegs -
+ the 3 Project word intro/meaning pages

EQUALS - 24 pages in total

That's part of the process i have gone thru to get the following variations of the 2nd of the 3 Artist Books i am compiling for this 'Zine'/Comic/Publication...

Here are some images of original artist book + the newer versions...

Here is the 1st variation/version of the has since changed...on the right is how the 'Project page' info looks - they have the 4 words to each project, along with their meaning

The challenges being met, by way of colour VS grey scale...layout ideas + a mock copy of the way the zine/comic thingo would look...(the cover won't be that's the only cardboard i had left, which were actually leftovers from the envelopes that 'house' each artist book)

The 1st proper colour printing of a version of the panels for the 1st project - on the right is a panel from the 2nd project...getting there...but not finished.

This is a comparison of the original artist book + the new digitized version...this is the 3rd panel from the 2nd project

A detail + the full (7th) panel (Still not completely finished here) from the 2nd project.

This is (what i thought, until about 3 days ago) the finished version of the new 1st page panel of the 2nd project...i have since re-done this...see below

The new panel reworked into a 'newer' version...

Here is the 1st print practise i did last week...this pic looks a bit yellowie due to the photo being taken at night in the studio...

Well, that's my update + i will be back to show you more...when i gets it dones...
I hope to be finished by the end of next week, but i have been saying that for the last month now...getting lost in details...down the rabbit hole...


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am currently updating the blog
There will be better info + images for each of the projects already completed.
Also some information on Round III.

There was a lot of work that wasn't finished or handed in for Round II, so i was thinking of extending the projects times out from 4 weeks to i have just finished being a participant for the PENNY BLACK PROJECT which allowed for each stamp to be completed in a 6 week time bracket...

I think this formula will work better also in anticipation of receiving mail + sending it too - as i am looking for some international artists for this might make the whole process easier to work with.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

E J Zyla # 6

Insert pic here

Helen # 6

pic here

Joanna # 6

Artist Book

Gail # 6

The hand made paper reads..."The Poppy Flowers...(can't read this word)...the Blue Ribbon of water breaks the Drought"

Sunday, December 28, 2008


4 Words For Paper is on holidays

all will be fixed and updated and new things will appear in the new year-

Round III anyone???

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Project # 6 Words

Words for Project # 5 - sent out 3rd September 08

Insert pic here.....


Due back 1st October 08

E J Zyla # 5

Insert Pic here

Helen # 5

Insert Pic here

Joanna # 5

"I was floundering a bit for an idea, and so was reading up about comics on Wikipedia and read that comics are narratives told with pictures when something clicked.

I had dug out these old copies of How & Why Wonder books that I got at last year’s Lifeline’s Bookfest for P4 and just started cutting out pictures I liked – without any real purpose, just hoping that something would happen.

 I cut out a picture of a women hanging out laundry which I really liked and left it on top of the pile, the next book to cut up was one on WWII which I didn’t think really fitted, that was until I slept on it.

I started thinking about what all the men in the pictures were fighting for, and also what the price of a peaceful domestic home life is, and then I decided that the WWII pictures fitted better with the lady hanging laundry than any of the other pictures I had cut out.

When I finished it I thought I’d call it ‘the book of war’."

Gail # 5


"The cover is made from hemp pulp poured over various objects it was then painted with acrylic paint.

The pages are hemp and cotton with pulppainting of recycled and plant fibre paper (left over from another project), the text and images are stamped using a range of commercial and handcut stamps."

Monday, August 4, 2008

Project # 5 Words

Words for Project # 5 - sent out 4th August 08


Due back 1st September 08

E J Zyla # 4

Images to be added

Helen # 4

Stickers, animal print, vinyl + a Letter/description

Jo # 4

"I had become quite preoccupied with the patterned lining of envelopes – I’m sure there’s a special name for the pattern but annoyingly I can’t recall what it is – and I had wanted to include it somehow. Nothing was really clicking until for some reason my brain connected the word forge with sailing ships. I had an old How & Why Wonder book on ships, and the envelope pattern would be perfect for a wavy ocean. All I needed then was a squid or an octopus."

Gail #4

Artist Book

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Project # 4 Words

Words for Project # 4 - sent out 3rd July 08


Due back 1st August 08

E J Zyla # 3

Insert pic here

Helen # 3

Insert pic here

Joanna # 3

Artist Book

Gail # 3

Artist book
Handmade paper

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Project # 3 Words

Words for Project # 3 - sent out Tuesday 3rd June 08


Due back Tuesday 1st July 08

Sunday, June 1, 2008

E J Zyla # 2

Awaiting Project....

Helen # 2

Awaiting project....

Joanna # 2

Artist Book with pop out

Gail # 2

"The paper is hemp fabric which has been through my beater and the veges have been lightly cooked then pressed onto fresh paper and dried slowly between cloths in a press. The veges I used were zuchini, cucumber, carrot, celery and red cabbage."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Project # 2

Words for Project # 2 - sent out on the Tuesday 6th of May 08

Words are
Due back on Monday the 2nd of June

E J Zyla # 1

Mixed Media - Artist Books
14.7 x 11.2cm
Inks, tissue papers, ribbon, pencil, watercolours.




Helen # 1

Mixed media - Hand made book
Process + next set of words

Joanna # 1

A folding hand made book + next words